About E x H

Based in State College, PA, E x H is creating advanced electromagnetics software and design solutions. The founders began the business in 2012 with an interest in a more intelligent approach to computational electromagnetics and optimization-based design. We primarily provide software to analyze and design engineered materials for antennas and optical applications, as well as provide engineering design services for custom antennas. Our software products are based on the sophisticated modeling and design synthesis tools that have been developed by the Pennsylvania State University's Computational Electromagnetics and Antennas Research Laboratory (PSU CEARL).

Why E x H?

The Poynting vector S = E x H, defined by the cross-product of the coupled Electric and Magnetic field vectors, is the direction of energy propagation in an electromagnetic wave. Invented by John Henry Poynting and published in 1884, it has since become a fundamental concept for physics, electromagnetics, and optics. The name is one of the rare coincidences of science by matching so well with its standard interpretation: the Poynting vector may be envisioned as the ray that points in the direction that the light is travelling with magnitude proportional to the power in the wave.

We chose the Poynting vector for our name as a representation of our focus on the core principles of electromagnetics and the success that that yields as new designs and implementation strategies are derived. The vector cross product indicates direction as we pursue our total focus on engineering excellence in every aspect of our business. The Electric and Magnetic fields, coupled through Maxwell's equations, interact to form complex behaviors from a core principles; at E x H, we focus on fundamentals of quality, speed, and utility to produce complex and sophisticated capabilities.