Frequency-Selective Absorbers

Absorbing Low RCS Ground Plane 3D Model

Narrowband and broadband absorbers serve many purposes. Highly-selective absorbers can help to mitigate specific sources of interference, while broadband absorbers can be used to help reduce radar visibility. Periodic, tiled structures can be used to create highly-efficient absorbing coatings and layers that do not rely on bulky, heavy materials. In many cases, by pursuing metamaterial- or AMC-inspired devices to control the fields within a periodic structure, very high absorption factors can be achieved.

Artificial Magnetic Conductors and High-Impedance Surfaces

Artificial Magnetic Conductors (AMC) and High-Impedance Surfaces (HIS) are easily designed and optimized using the PFSS software tool. Depending on the complexity of the structure and whether or not any vertical vias are included in the design, either the PMM or the PFEBI solver may be used. Depending on the exact structure, one or the other may provide a speed or accuracy advantage.