E x H to partner with Penn State to further enhance reTORT

  • Posted on: 1 March 2015
  • By: Fumin Yang

E x H\(\exh\) software products include computational simulation tools for optical ray tracing (reTORT) and optimization of planar, periodic metallo-dielectric screens from RF to optical wavelengths (PFSS). These tools are under active development, with beta releases expected prior to early 2015. Please contact E x H for licencing and availability information.

All E x H\(\exh\) software is based on the GEMSIF library, which provides a unified GUI, data and file management, comprehensive scripting interface, and rapid addition of new solvers to the software package. Our software is set apart by our strong emphasis on effective stochastic optimization for finding solutions to tough engineering problems. These advanced optimization algorithms allow designers to get a better feel for the design space of their desired solution and allow trade-offs between performance and manufacturing constraints and limitations to be inteligently decided.